cryo archon -
snezhnaya's ruler

cr cafehyes


this is an anon tsaritsa roleplay profile; since the character is barely mentioned in the game, I - her player, am going to interpret her basing on my theories and personal headcanons. So please be polite and don't attack me if something isn't your liking. Also, english isn't my first language ( I'm chinese but I live in Italy ), so i apologize for my awful grammar.


her relationships' spots are now open !! But must had at least one interaction with her. The cryo archon isn't into romantic relationships; so eventual spots may will be added in the future. Despite the Fatui's reputation and her role as the cryo archon, she acts like a mother to the eleven harbingers - a corrupted kindness.

Another universe

sometimes there will be some easter eggs from other universes. For example - bungou stray dogs; idols au; but not so often / under request

Admin stuff !

yo; my name is Fei - my main account is @edwlnyx. Use she / her pronouns with me. This carrd was made following a tutorial, created by @cafehyes on youtube. So if you want to use the template, please credit them.